Red Series 2-1 Zwave Association Group Issue with ZEN54

I have an Inovelli Red Series 2-1 Switch (VZW31-SN) that is setup for direct associate with the Zooz ZEN54 10V dimmer, using groups 2–4.
Both devices are associated with each other. So the ZEN54 has the Inovelli id configured for Groups 2–4, and the Inovelli has the ZEN54 zwave node id configured for Groups 2–4. I’m using Hubitat.
Everything works fine, except physical dimming from the Inovelli.
Whenever the UP or DOWN paddles are held (while the lights are already ON), the status LED indicates that the dimming is in progress, however the lights don’t react, and once the paddle is released the status updates back to what the ZEN54 was initially reporting.

See demo: DimmingSyncIssueZwave

For the ZEN54 I am using this driver (v. 1.1.4):

For the Inovelli, the driver they provide.

So simply tapping UP or DOWN does work to turn the ZEN54 ON or OFF. Also, when the ZEN54 is dimmed from the Hub, the status led on the Inovelli does update to the set brightness.
Only changing brightness with the Inovelli does not seem to sync back to the ZEN54.

Any suggestions?