Red Series 2-in-1 Dimmer LED Notifications

I am having trouble getting the ledEffectAll() custom command to work in Hubitat for two LED notifications I have. The device is the VZW31-SN and is running FW v1.0

I have two older Inovelli switches whose drivers supported separate notification configurations and are working on the same rule with no issues.

I followed the steps in the “Setting up Animated Notifications” help article, noticing that it was developed with an older version of the VWZ31-SN driver.

I have also read various Hubitat and Inovelli forum pages and tried several things mentioned.

Lastly, I tested the LedEffectAll command on the Hubitat device page itself and was able to see that my parameters were all correct. In the event log, there is an entry when I went through the device page that says: “ledEffect” with a value of “Solid All”.

For my notification command through my rule definition the event log has “ledEffect” with a value of “unknown(‘3’, ‘0’, ‘50’, ‘255’) All”

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

BTW: I have tried string as ‘3’, ‘0’, ‘50’, ‘255’ as well as 3, 0, 50, 255 with no difference.

Have you tried the LED Mini-Dashboard?

That is what I use now for all my notifications as it is simple to use and works very, very well.


Thanks for the quick reply. I had actually never heard of the LED Mini-Dashboard.

If I have three separate light switches (1 VZW31, 1 LZW31 & 1 LWZ30) do I create three separate topics?

I would start with one topic that has all the devices that can be added to it, then if some devices couldn’t be added to it, you can create other topics for the other switch(es).

Make sure you add each parameter of the ledeffectall command as an individual.

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For the LZW switches, you’ll need to make sure they’re the -SN in order for notifications to work.

Thanks @harjms! I didn’t notice the fact they were separate parameters and not one string with commas. Feel kinda dumb there. :man_facepalming:
All the switches I have are the -SN version, but that was a good thing to mention for sure.

@SViel: I played around with the mini-dashboard and got things to work across all three switches. It has some pretty good features too. Thanks again for the tip.


Nah don’t. I did it that way too at first, and I was wondering why my notification was always red. @mamber pointed me in the right direction and I got it sorted out.

I did download the mini-dashboard tool too, but I haven’t gone through it to see if it would be easier than RM.

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