Red Series 2-in-1 Dimmer Odd Behavior

So I just received the new Red Series 2-in-1 Dimmer Switch. When I installed it where I want the switch to be it would not function has on On/Off Switch.

After I installed the switch where I want it to go and after I configured it as a, Single-Pole, Non-Neutral, On/Off only switch it would not switch of the light when I tell it to from the switch or from Home Assistant.

My lights are LED bulbs in an enclosure.

I am not sure if I will need a bypass or not.

The odd behavior I saw, at least compared to other switches I have installed is when ever I reset the Switch to Factory Default the Light blink at exactly the same time as the LED Bar on it. That happened every time I changed configuration from the switch itself.

Some information would be useful, or if in order to have it working correctly confirmation I will need the bypass.

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Since you have a 2-way non-neutral configuration, if you have Romex wiring, there is a 2-wire Romex coming into the box. ONE of those two conductors is constantly hot.

Did you test to determine which conductor was hot?

If so, what color was the conductor?

If so, to which terminal did you connect that hot conductor?

My house is older so it doesn’t have the typical Romex wiring. I didn’t specifically test to determine which wire is hot. The hot wire is black from what I can tell based on the previous switch I had installed. I connected the Hot Wire to the Line

So when you wing electricity, bad things can happen.

The proper and SAFE way is to test the conductors so that you are absolutely certain of what you have.

Typically with a non-neutral, if you have a black and a white conductor, the hot is sent to the switch over the white, not the black. So before are inclined to just turn them around, please go get a meter or at least a proximity tester and test first. You want to know for sure which conductor is which so that you are certain it’s wired properly. If it was mis-wired and doesn’t work after wiring it properly, it’s possible the switch was damaged by the reversed wiring.

But this is all supposition on my part. Identify your conductors properly and let’s go from there.


I tested which is the Hot and which is the one that goes to the light itself. I wired it up correctly and the lights still stay on even when I tell the switch to turn off the lights. The overhead light still does the same thing the LED strip does on the switch.

Not sure if I damaged the switch or if I may need a bypass to help with it.

Ok, so to recap, you have a non-neutral, now wired properly (the line and load were reversed previously).

You say that the lights still stay on when you “tell the switch” to turn off the lights. Also, the LED bar on the switch and the LEDs in the fixture blink in unison when factory resetting or changing a parameter.

  • Does “tell the switch” mean using the paddle or using HA or both?

  • When you say the lights won’t turn off, do you mean they stay at some level of brightness or does the brightness reduce and a glow remains?

  • What is the model number of the fixture(s). One or more? Fixed or replaceable bulbs?

Turning off the Light is both via the Paddle and using HA.

The light not turning off is they slightly dim, though it is very subtle and not really a difference, even though they are non-dimming LED lights. That is only really visible when you look at the fixture or the reflection off the wall.

I am not sure what the fixture is since it was in before we bought the house, it seems like some lower cost fixture. There is only one fixture, but the fixture has 2 bulbs, that are both replaceable.

Fixture won’t matter as long as your bulbs are dimmable. You’ll most likely need a bypass to make the light fully turn off.

They are not dimmable bulbs. According to the webpage they can be On/off or Dimmer switch. It looks like I may need to get a bypass to get the switch to work with the lights I have.