Red Series Dimmer and up/down presses adjust brightness in 10% increments?

Hi all,
is there a way you can set up the Red Series Dimmer in SmartThings, so that each time you would single tap up, it will increase brightness by 10%? And then same with decreasing the brightness by 10% for each tap down? This is for controlling Hue bulbs, not dumb bulbs.

I need to convince my wife that this will work “like a normal dimmer” before I go and buy 20+ units!

I think a potential issue though, is that if someone wants to dim it a lot lower from what the brightness currently at, they would instinctively press down, for example 4 times, which could make the switch actually think you are trying to perform a Button 4 Held command and not Button 1 Held x 4 times.

As I’m sure almost everyone here, the “WAF” is important here, so I can keep all my smart home toys going!

Thanks much!

Sorry can’t speak for smartthings, but on hubitat I am able to do hold/release to dim my wifi or zigbee (eg not Z-wave bulbs that can be directly associated) in smart bulb mode by binding the light group with my Dimmer. As the Dimmer level changes (not actual voltage since smart bulb mode ensures it stays fully on), the binded group changes with it. There is a slight delay, but in my experience meets WAF requirements.

Off the top of my head, I’d try something in webCore. Set a variable to define the illumination level and then change the variable based on a button press. Then send that illumination level to the bulbs.

The problem, as you’ve already mentioned, is how the button presses will be determined if they are pressed too quickly.

On a separate note, since you are using Hue bulbs, you’ll have to control them via scenes anyway. One thing I’ve done is to set up scenes with different illumination levels and then run those scenes via double, triple taps, etc. For example a double tap up sets 10%, triple tap up 25%, etc.