Red Series Dimmer button assignments

I installed two red series dimmers and programmed each dimmer using the SmartThings Smart Lighting App. Two things I noticed that I’m wondering if it’s expected behavior.

Upon initial installation, one tap up took the light to 100%, one tap down took the light to 0%. As I would expect.

I programmed, via the Smart App, two taps up would take the light to 50%. Once I did that, one tap up no longer did anything. Is that normal? I then just added another automaton in the Smart App that 1 tap up would go to 100% as originally done.

The next question is once I have these two automations assigned to the dimmer, if I tap once up to go to 100% is pauses for a second at 50% before going to 100%. I figured programming to 100% at fewer taps would be less chance of it actually pausing waiting for more taps so to speak. For example tapping once would to 50% then another second tap would be 100% if I didn’t tap fast enough. Is it normal to pause at each programmed level?