Red Series Dimmer - Can we get it to respond faster?

I have a 4-way configuration (3 switches: 2 Inovelli red series dimmers, 1 Zooz Zen21 on/off) controlling Sylvania Smart+ RGBW recessed lights. The lights are wired to the LINE of one of the Inovelli switches for full-time power. Everything is being controlled through Hubitat.

I have everything working “reliably” for the wife/kids, but the only thing I’m disappointed in is the lag with the Inovelli physical switches turning the lights on/off.

I tried controlling with advance button app (button 1 press for on, button 1 held for off).
I tried controlling with switch binding app (all 3 switches and lights are “bound” to each other and mirror on/off).
I tried controlling with dimmer button app (similar to advanced button, but also has dimming features).

With the Zooz switch (which doesn’t support scenes, so using switch binding app), the response is nearly instantaneous (0.5sec or less…too quick to actually measure or count) and really feels like using a “normal” switch. Turning the Inovelli switches on/off remotely through the app are also nearly instantaneous.

The reaction time for the inovelli PHYSICAL switches to turn the lights on/off have an approximately 1sec lag before the lights respond (both on or off). All 3 methods above to control the lights have this same lag.

All parameters (dim speed, ramp rate, etc.for both local and remote control) are set to 0, but no improvement.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the physical button response time for actions to occur?

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Eric has mentioned the possibility of disabling scenes to speed up on/off with a future update. On/Off Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out (v2.0) I personally don’t use scenes so being able to disable them and speed up response of the switch is appealing for me as well.


Do you find the response time to increase after you don’t use the switches for a while.
*My response times are about 1.5 in a similar setup

Just got around to updating the firmware on my Red series dimmers (and also Red on/off switches)…Turned off the delay in the new settings and switches respond so much faster!

Getting ready to outfit my basement lights to smart switches and was ready to pull the trigger on Zooz switches, but now going to stick with Inovelli switches since the firmware update!

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