Red Series Dimmer - Default level (single pole)

Hello - I recently added a dimmer in a single pole config and based on my previous settings (those were 3-way), I set the default level to 90 to avoid the flickering issue. I was wondering if:

  1. Is this still an issue (firmware0 1.48, firmware1 1.41)?
  2. If still an issue, is this required for a single pole config?


EDIT: Hub is Hubitat

It’s hard to know without more information, but I think what you are asking is extremely dependent on the bulbs attached to the switch.

I would set your minimum level to 1 (parameter 5) and maximum level to 99 (parameter 6), then adjust brightness from your hub or from the switch until the light turns on and does not flicker. This would be your new minimum level value. Then increase the brightness until you can’t perceive any brightness changes. This would be your new maximum value.


Apologies- I should have mentioned. These are standard non-dimmable LED bulbs. I had a spare dimmer so it got put there. The dimmer controls the porch lights, so the “dimming” capability will not be used.

Set ramp rate and dimming speed to 0, then default level to 99.

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Since they are non-dimmable LEDs, I would also set Parameter 52 to 1 that will disable dimming


Thanks - done!