Red Series Dimmer dimensions & which Inovelli is shallowest?

What is the depth of the portion of the Inovelli Red Dimmer that fits in the box? What is the depth of this portion of the shallowest Inovelli switch?

I have a regular single pole line voltage switch installed under my cabinets to control the under cabinet lighting. It is in a 7/8" deep shallow WireMold box, partially routed into the underside of the cabinet to make it less visible (but not routed deep enough that the box is visible from inside the cabinet.

I would like to change this switch to a dimmer, preferably with zwave or zigbee, Decora style. I would be willing to change out the 7/8" deep shallow box for a regular WireMold box reported to be 1.38" deep. In my household, further routing the cabinet to recess the box such that it would be visible in the cabinet is not an option, and a non decora switch is also not an option.


I believe all black and red series share the same body. I believe the 7/8” will be too thin to fit any of them with wiring attached. I thought the spec sheet mentioned the dimensions, but I can’t locate it.

@Eric_Inovelli maybe you can add dimensions of switches to the support pages?

The dimmer is 1 1/4" deep approx. Will be tight in a 1.38 box, even if you don’t use the backwire holes.

Yeah great idea. I can add it!

You’re correct in that both Black and Red Series switches share the same body.

7/8" is tough regardless of the smart switch you’re using :slight_smile:

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I’d think about using a smart relay and an Inovelli in another location as a scene controller for it.