Red Series Dimmer double touch to use scenese

Hey all-

Really loving my red series dimmers. Ive got 3 separate smartthings scenes setup to run on one switch (double down tap, double up tap, triple up tap). However, regardless of which scene I try to use, nothing happens the first time i hit the sequence. However, it works every time on the second time of me hitting the sequence. Is there a setting or something that I have not found that will help with this? Is this a problem anyone else has seen?

What application are you running to trigger the scene? Have you tried another to see if that resolves the problem? For example, if you’re using Smart Lighting, maybe try the ABC Button Controller, webCore, etc.

im using scenes within the smartthings app and the triggering it based on the Smart Lighting smart app. I am not a programmer…any recommendations on something I can learn relatively easily? I think webCore is likely out of my ability at this point.

Not quite sure why it misses the first time but let’s try a couple things.

Run your scene manually by bringing up the scenes page and click on the arrow to the right. See if it runs the first time there.

If it does, in Smart Lighting, create a new lighting automation. Set it to run your scene and set the trigger to button 7. That is a single press on the config button. See if there is any difference there.

If those don’t work, you could try the ABC Manager. There is a thread for it in the ST Community. The later version is kept current by Paul Sheldon. You’ll just have to add the code from Github into your IDE.

The ABC Manager won’t run a scene, but it will turn lights on or off and dim, etc. Depending on what is in your scene, you may be able to replicate it by adding the individual items in the ABC manager and set a button as a trigger.