Red Series dimmer flashing red, green and blue after swapping to smart LED bulbs

I have a red series dimmer working on 5 incandescent PAR30 bulbs in a non-neutral setup. Everything was working fine. I just upgraded to 5 Philips Wiz PAR30 color smart bulbs and things aren’t working quite right. I suspect one of two issues given my research, but was hoping for confirmation. Here’s what happens:

  • I changed my dimmer to “smart bulb” mode.
  • When I swap 4 of the 5 dumb bulbs for the new smart LEDs, everything works fine.
  • When I swap out that last bulb, all bulbs go off. When I press “on” on the dimmer switch, it quickly flashes blue and then red, green and blue. The lights don’t turn on.
    *If I swap that last bulb out, it works.

I’m guessing it’s one or both of these problems:

1 Because I’ve switched to LEDs, I now need to buy the bypass. If this is the case, do I need a bypass for each bulb or just one where the line to the set of bulbs meets the dimmer?

2 I am on firmware 1.47. I saw on the firmware release notes the following:

V1.54 - 04/26/2021
Modify parameter 52 to provide 3 modes. 0 - Normal, 1 - On / Off only mode, 2 - Smart Bulb Mode
Fixed - Aux Can Turn Off but Not On when in Non Neutral mode
Fixed - Protection Set v1 Enabling Protection v2 Remote
Fixed - Boot Loop Issue in Non-Neutral (Red, Green, Blue LED)
Fixed - Aux Switch Not Causing Scenes to be Sent

I’m wondering if that boot loop issue is the problem.

My question is: do you think I have one or both of these problems and if one, which one? I either need to buy a Z-Stick or a bypass or both.


My guess is that your issue is #1, you now need a bypass. I had the same issue, swapped some bulbs out that “should” have been enough draw but they were not and had to add the bypass. Good news is that you only need 1 bypass. Most likely installed at the light closest to the switch.


You were right, @flipontheradio: the bypass fixed it. Now I am trying to get smartbulb mode to work correctly. I’m guessing I still need to upgrade my firmware. Having trouble and posted here: Can't upgrade firmware using Zooz S2 Stick 700 and Smart Things

But @flipontheradio gave the right advice to bypass my immediate problem.


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