Red Series Dimmer LED Control

I have SmartThings and was trying to figure out how I can control what the color of the LED bar is on my Red Series Dimmer Switch. Is there some documentation on how to change the color of the LED bar? I would like to change the color of the LED bar based on different things happening in my smart home.

Follow the instructions on the product page of your device. Its under “installation instructions”

I might be missing something, but I went to and only see the device handler code and how to install it and the smartapp.
There is a section on how to control scenes. However, I do not see anything that describes how to change the LED bar’s colors.

Those are the device handlers for the gen 1 dimmers. You can find the gen 2 handlers (there are two) under installation instructions here

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You can change the color and action (like blinking) of the LED bar using notifications.

I’m using SmartThings. Make sure that you have installed the device handler AND the child handler. You should then see the options to set the notifications in the settings for the switch in the app.

Once you have the LED bar color and action set, you can then use a smart app to trigger the notification. Bear in mind that even though you can have multiple notifications, the most recent will trump the prior one, so you really can effectively have one notification per switch.

The directions in the link @flipontheradio provided (under notifications) provide more detail.

So I figured out how to get the notification to work with WebCore. The problem I am running into is when the switch is turned off or on or dimmed, then the default Blue LED notification kicks in and trumps my existing notifications. Is there a way to disable the default blue LED notifications?

This is part of the firmware and inovelli is considering trying to address this with a firmware update in the future. I think there is currently a workaround for hubitat users but I haven’t seen anything similar for smartthings.

I installed the latest device handler in smartthings. I can configure notification to change LED color in app. I still cannot figure how to do it in webCore. Is there any sample configuration? I can’t find any command to change LED color.

Edit: Never mind. I find out I need to select the child device to turn on notification to set LED color.

Can you post your piston pls? I see the child notifications in webCore but not a command to set the color. Curious to see how you did it.

What I meant is I can turn on switch notification so that the LED color changes. I cannot configure the color via webCore. Sorry I should have made it clear.

Oh, ok. Thanks!