Red Series Dimmer - lights blink on and then shut off

I have a Red Series Dimmer in a 4-way with 2 dumb switches and neutral present. The load is 3 separate light fixtures with 3 bulbs in each. Switch firmware is 1.61.

About 25% of the time when we turn on the lights using either of the dumb switches, the lights turn on and then shut off right away. If we press the switch again, they’ll usually come on and stay on. Looking at one of the fixtures in particular, I can see that one of the bulbs is always a little slow to turn on and I think this is what’s causing the issue. I have already set ramp rate to 0 on the switch and increased minimum dim level to 60. Are there other parameters which might be worth messing with?

Might changing out the dumb switches for Aux switches resolve this issue? I’ve never messed with the Aux switches.

I guess I should also mention this issue really became prevalent after replacing the light fixtures (and bulbs). Before that the problem would maybe happen 10% of the time. I’m using the GE Refresh Bulbs with clear glass where you can see the “filament”.

I do not have an answer. However, one bulb turning on later than the others, particularly those in the same fixture, is extremely odd and suggests an electrical problem. Whether that is related to your posted issue is hard to say.

When power is applied to the fixtures, each bulb receives voltage at essentially the same time. So why does one bulb take longer to illuminate then the others? On the other hand, you have changed the fixtures and the problem existed in both.

Check your switch’s settings and confirm that the switch type is set to three-way toggle.

I just confirmed Switch Type is “Multi-Switch (Dumb Switch)”.

Perhaps that slow bulb is just defective. I can try moving it to one of the other fixtures to see if the problem follows the bulb or if new bulb in same fixture has same issue.

Perhaps my next step will be to swap out all of the bulbs and use Cree bulbs instead at least for some testing. I’ve had the best luck with Cree bulbs. I thought I was using Cree bulbs previously but when I pulled these fixtures down I was actually using some cheap Walmart bulbs. The downside is that the new fixtures are seeded glass and a white bulb will not look as good as the clear bulbs.