Red series dimmer lights stopped working after 3 weeks turned off

I have 4x LZW31-SN in non-neutral configuration connected to Home Assistant:

  1. Switch #1 powers 7x halogens.
  2. Switch #2 powers 2x Cree Led 60W with an Aeotec Bypass.
  3. Switch #3 powers 2x Cree Led 60W with an Aeotec Bypass.
  4. Switch #4 powers 4x Cree Led 60W with an Aeotec Bypass.

They have all worked flawlessly for 6 months. Now, I left my house for 3 weeks, where the lights were off the whole time, and when I came home I have a strange issue:

  • Switch #1 and #2 are working perfectly.
  • Switch #3 and #4 are still active in Home Assistant, but their lights do not turn on (either triggered wirelessly or from the buttons).

The switches that are having issues are still working Home Assistant, and their Scene activation buttons still work. However the Cree lights no longer turn on, and the LED strip (which is typically blue) is now dark (the LED strip for the two working switches lights up as expected).

Literally nothing has changed (no one was home), and the lights have been off for 3 weeks. I had no issues since the initial setup around 6 months ago. Does anyone have any ideas why the switches are now not working?

Resolved, I power cycled the circuit breaker and the two problematic switches came back to life.

Strange that the issue only impacted 2 out of 4 switches, but perhaps non-neutral without being used for 3 weeks causes issues?