Red Series dimmer - manual operation stopped responding, Z-wave works fine

I don’t know why this is, but one of my Red Series dimmers has stopped responding to manual operation. It still responds to Z-wave commands. I have pulled the air gap switch for a few minutes and then pushed it back in… still no manual operation.

Any troubleshooting ideas?

Someone probably accidentally enabled local protection. For the prev gen (lzw31/lzw31-sn) press the config button 8x. For the new 2-1 press down paddle + 10x config button.


Thanks @stu1811, that was it.

The PDF manuals are hard to come by with just an Internet search, and I threw my paper copies away long ago…

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What is the model # of the your switch(es)?

I believe all of my Red Series dimmers are LZW31-SN. I also have Red Series switches, and some Black Series dimmers and switches all of the same vintage.

The documentation is a bit scattered right now. Things are being transitioned back to the support site. So you sort of have to know the secret handshake to find some things in the interim.

Gen 2 Red Dimmer - Go here for docs. Unfortunately, the manual link on this page is broken, which @Eric_Inovelli will fix shortly.

Gen 2 Red Switch - .

Gen 2 Black Dimmer -

Gen 2 Black Switch -

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