Red series dimmer multi tap not working after firmware upgrade (smartthings)

I updated my firmware to 1.47 then to 1.48 and I have lost the ability to use my multi tap settings.

I have a couple of switches setup to use a double tap up to make the light go to full brightness, that has stopped working on both switches. Plus the light turns on or off so fast now that the when I do try to double tap the light turns on immediately after the first tap.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I accidentally deleted one of my device handlers for the switch, there were 2 listed that looked identical so i deleted one. Might have been a mistake. Updated the other one using a link that someone posted in another thread. The device handler shows a date of 2020-08-27 when you open it.

I did update the firmware on all of my bulbs as well in the last 24 hours.

You can always go back into the IDE an re-add a DH if it’s missing. You only need one per switch though. I think the newer ones no longer need an unpublished child.

It’s possible when you deleted the DH the device type changed in the IDE. Go back into the IDE, open the page for the device, click on the Edit button and then look at the selection for “Type”. Make sure that it says "Inovelli Dimmer . . . ".

It appears that the default setting on the new firmware is to disable multi-tap / 700ms delay. I had to update the settings on all my dimmers after flashing them (I use Hubitat).

If your device driver is up-to-date on ST there should probably be a new option to disable the 700ms delay, which also disables multi-tap. Changing that back should fix you up.

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Thanks Guys, that fixed the issue. It also helps if you pay attention to the links you follow and don’t install hubitat device handlers in the smartthings IDE haha.

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Good to hear. Which post resolved the issue? Going back into the IDE or @seth’s suggestion?

Actually a little of both I believe. The setting needed to be changed to make it work, but then when I went and checked the device handler I discovered I had pasted the wrong DH when I tried to update it earlier.