Red series dimmer no LED indicator and unresponsive

No LED indicator coming on, actual light switch non responsive. Lights are constant on. I added a bypass as tehy are CFL bulbs. Any ideas what i need to do in order to get the switch to work again?

I have the air gap pulled and when i put it back in light immediately comes on and switch doesn’t cycle on via LED strip.

Just to confirm, you don’t have a neutral wire connected? Is the bypass installed at the light fixture? Is this a single pole setup? If the lights immediately come on once returning the air gap I would assume the switch would go to an off state. Any chance the line and load are reversed?

I had this in a LZW31-SN, and no-neutral wire, and could not get the 12-press-config-button to select the neutral-wire config. I was eventually able to add it to the network, and configure it from the zwave side.

I also configured the upper/lower dimmer bounds.

It might help you to allow it to be added to the network, then configure from the network side, for whether your problem is non-neutral or something else.

I have no Neutral wire in my applications. I just removed the by pass installed dimmable LED’s. When i push the airgap back in the lights just come on and are unable to be controlled. The switch doesn’t give the led RGB signal on the side. It’s like the switch is constant on. It won’t connect to anything in the smartthings hub.

Was this a new installation or was the switch already working and the issues came up after some time?

The switch was working in our system and i added teh by pass then went in to turn the light to 99% and it stopped working. as it is right now in order to turn the lights on and off i have to pull the airgap.

@pchrist - I believe most of us have set the maximum brightness to 80% since anything above that seems to make the switch too hot and shutoff.

Ok so how can i reset my switch to come on and function?

@pchrist - If you need to perform a factory reset, you’ll need to hold the config button down for 20 seconds. I would try just adjusting the settings on the hub first.

How do i do a factory reset? I can’t control the switch thought the app anymore.

I am willing to try anything at this point. I have no LED indicator, no switching of light through app or from local on the switch.

Factory reset is performed by holding config button for at least 20 seconds.

It might also be worth trying to change the Local and RF protection states (not sure how to do that in smartthings though).

The symptoms you are seeing could happen if all the following conditions are met:

  • Local control is set to No Operation Possible
  • RF Control is set to No Operation Possible
  • Relay is disabled
  • Dimmer is set to turn back on after power is restored

Of course, it wouldnt explain HOW all those settings got changed, but its worth a try. As long as both Local and RF control is set to No Operation Possible, the dimmer will not respond to any commands. Factory reset will probably fix it too, but you would end up having to re-include.

Sidebar, but I’m not unconvinced the “overheating” is a symptom of mismatching configuration settings and not actually the problem.

Held in the config button for like a minute, no change no lights no nothing.

You mentioned that this error occurred after you removed the bypass, and you do not have a neutral, right? Could you have accidentally swapped the line and load wires at the bulb when you removed the bypass?

@pchrist - That’s no bueno. It doesn’t seem like it’s receiving line power anymore. I take @jtronicus recommendation and check the input feed to the switch. If you verify input power to the “Line” of the Inovelli Dimmer, then I would suggest RMA the device.

How do I do an RMA, i purchased a kit of them through amazon 4 switches and 2 bulbs. Do i do a return with them?

Can @Brianna_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli Reach out to @pchrist for some RMA help?

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Have you tried another one of the switches in that setup or have you already installed the other 3?

I have the other 3 installed already.