Red Series Dimmer - Setting the LED color?

I just installed a dozen red series dimmers and including them with my hubitat hub. I am using the Inovelli driver and want to set the LED color, what format do they take? I have the colors in several formats but not sure which/how to use them.

RGB: (251,79,20)
CMYK: (0,75,98,0)

Hubitat’s color model is the HSB/HSV model, so none of the above. :smiley: However, if you’re using any of the standard setColor() commands in Hubitat and have a color picker in that UI, it should take care of figuring out the hue, saturation, and brightness values for you (a small point of confusion is that Hubitat expresses the latter as the level attribute, but the color model is not HSL). Otherwise, it’s possible the app provides individual hue, saturation, and “level”/brightness inputs where you can put in manual values.

A small deviation from the standard HSV/HSB model: Hubitat’s hue values are scaled from 0-100 by default (unless the device/driver you’re using has other options; if you happen to be setting the parameter manually instead of using a “friendly” command, note also that this uses a 0-255 scale; if you’re not sure, you’re probably not doing that). So while 0 and 360 hues in the standard model are both red, in Hubitat that would be 0 and 100, with other values scaled (linearally) in between — so green is probably around 33, blue is probably around 67, and so on, but you’ll have to experiment with the exact hues that get you the colors you want for the LED bar. If you’re only dealing with the Red Series LED bar, then “saturation” isn’t really relevant since the bar can only change hue and brightness, but if you’re curious for the sake of knowledge, lower saturation values are whiter (or I suppose 0 would technically be white; standard range is 0-100). But again, you can do whatever here for the LED bar and it won’t matter.

If none the above makes sense or is way TMI, maybe share what app or method you’re using the set the color and someone can chime in with exactly how to do it there. :smiley:

That all makes sense but is definitely more work than I am willing to do. I just wanted to set the dimmers led bar to team colors during watch parties. I would probably do it as a scene in the built in app. Maybe I can find or build a spreadsheet to convert hex to HSV.

That was easy.

Yeah, there are lots of conversion tools online (or you can use a formula). If you’re using Inovelli’s driver with the “child device” option for the LED bar, then you should also just be able to eyeball it with the color picker on the device page, then use the resulting hue and (if you want) level values in whatever app/rule you’re using (again, saturation can be ignored since the LED bar doesn’t distinguish).

I know, I know…why use the device picker when you can look it up? You can use that as a starting point (after conversion — again make sure to divide “standard” hue values by 3.6 for use on Hubitat), but the color police don’t do a great job of making sure the same hue value means the same thing to every manufacturer out there, so you’ll likely have to play around a bit to get something that looks right to you regardless. Also, you stand the potential to lose some information without saturation available (likely not a big deal unless the team uses pastel colors) and with the fact that with this kind of light (bulbs, LED bars, etc.), lower brightness values just make it look dimmer, not darker/blacker (so navy blue will be tricky or impossible).

Good luck!