Red series dimmer switch with smart bulbs help

I just bought the new red series dimmer and have a couple questions.
My setup is this switch is a single pole that controls 5 smart lights. All running from Hubitat.

How do i setup the switch so that if you power the lights off from the switch you can still power them on individually from the app?

  • i saw something about child devices but I’m not sure if that is what I’m looking for and how to set that up.
  • do i just need to create a rule machine for each button of the switch?

To run smart bulbs through a Red dimmer you must “disable the internal relay” see the table below.

This disables local control of the dimmer button. Meaning the dimmer button cannot physically (i.e. through the connected wires) turn off or dim the smart bulb. However the air gap switch still works.

Once you do this, any actions of the dimmer paddle will to to Hubitat performing any function you put in a rule or simple lighting etc.

Once you get the child devices created (or use a different custom driver…I’m quite partial to my own), you can use steps like I outlined here to set up the automation:

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Thank you very much for your reply. Do i need to do something special to create the child devices? Or is that simply joining the smart lights to Hubitat? Do i need to do what the first response was with disabling the relay in order to use your rule machine method?

Also, not a common case, but if the bulbs happen to be Z-Wave you can directly associate them with the switch for instantly-responsive dimming and avoid having to set up Rule Machine rules.

The child devices are child devices of the Inovelli switch, which you can use to control the notification LED or enable and disable local/remote control of the switch/dimmer without needing to change the parameter via some other mechanism. You don’t need them if you don’t want to do that. For the functions you mentioned (controlling smart bulbs), you don’t, but you may want them for other things.

To control your lights on Hubitat using the Inovelli dimmer, the lights do need to be connected to Hubitat somehow. You’d then disable the “relay” (local control) so the switch doesn’t really toggle power to them, then set up a Rule or other automation as mentioned above. If Hubitat can’t control your smart bulbs, you definitely can’t use the Inovelli dimmer via Hubitat to control them, either. :slight_smile:

I have the relay disabled and the bulbs and dimmer seem to be working together. However If I use Google Home to turn off the lights the switch buttons don’t work. Would the google home command be turning off power to the switch?

When you use GH are you turning off the bulb or the switch?

Edit for clarity:

The reason I’m asking is that there are two ways to disable the relay (local = at the switch, remote = Z-Wave).

So, if you disabled the relay at the switch but not also via Z-Wave (remote), if you turn the switch off via Google Home, it will turn off, but still will be disabled at the switch. The bulb will also be disabled bc if you turn the switch off, it cuts power to the bulb so the Association won’t work.

Hopefully that makes sense?

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I was turning off the switch. i’ve disabled the relay at the switch. is there something else i need to disable?

Ah, ok, yeah that makes sense now. The more I think about it, I guess I wouldn’t disable remote control as it will stop all commands being sent to/from the switch, so we don’t want that.

So, when using Google Home and you want the light to turn off, just turn off the bulb, not the switch.


  • Smart Switch = Hallway Switch
  • Smart Bulb = Hallway Bulb

Tell GH to turn off Hallway Bulb and the bulb will shut off and you’ll still be able to control it from the switch and Hubitat.

Sorry if this is confusing lol.