Red Series Dimmer with 0-10V Dimmable LED Fixtures?

Does anyone have experience using Red Series Dimmers with American Green Lights LED fixtures?

I’m setting up a multi-use workshop in an addition to our home. I consulted with American Green Lights for the lighting requirements and fixture placement. I had not been looking for dimmable overhead lights, but saw it was a feature of the models I will be purchasing. When consulting with the company, they recommended the following dimmer switch:

The LED fixtures each have their own DC driver, so it will be 110VAC at the switch.

Quick reading leads me to believe the Red Series Dimmers should be able to handle these lights with no issues. Just wondering if anyone had direct experience with these (or similar) lights, or if there was something else I should be looking at?

Spec sheet for the lights in question:

Reading the specs, it’s looking for a 0-10 V dimmer not a 120vac dimmer. I believe someone in here was testing a relay or 0-10v driver with the dimmer but can’t find it right now.

I don’t have first hand experience with these but I have done considerable research into low voltage dimming.

I think that even though the light is driven by 0 to 10 volts, that is what is coming out of the driver. The driver that is included with the light takes a 120VAC input. The lutron Diva dimmer that they spec’d (DVSTV) is a 120VAC switch. So it will send 120VAC to the driver.

I suspect, but don’t know for sure, that the Lutron Diva dimmer provides special signaling for the 0 to 10 volt LED fixtures. So I am guessing that the Inovelli dimmer would not be compatible with the fixtures you are planning on using.

It would probably be best to check with the company and ask them if the Inovelli dimmer would work. I would tell them that the dimmer is compatible with MLV drivers, but not ELV drivers.

That Diva dimmer has 0-10V listed all over it. An Inovelli would not be a direct replacement.

Why not just group the lights so if you don’t need them all for working in there you can just turn on a few. If you’re working in the workshop you’ll generally want them all on full.

I have a light-sensitive family member. These lights are bright, even if just one is turned on. I’d like to be able to have the lights dimmed while others are using the space, and then full bright when I’m woodworking.

Preferably, I’d like to include the option to dim the shop in my Home Assistant settings or set a scene, etc. The Lutron dimmer uses a separate app and bluetooth connection and isn’t compatible with any smart home controller as far as I can tell.

If I can’t find a compatible z-wave dimmer I will most likely do groups with individual switches.

Reply from the company -

“The drivers are neither MLV or ELV. They use 0-10v dimming and require a 0-10v di.ming controller.”

I think I’ll just go with groups of lights and selective shut off groups when full bright isn’t required.

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OK, I can understand the special requirement and it makes sense to dim the lights. I was just pointing out that in general a workshop needs to be bright when working in there.

There is this module.

Another option is a 8266 board and ESPhome to give a PWM output and feed that into a little PWM to 0-10V converter board. Like this one for example.

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I was able to find the exact driver thanks to a few YouTube videos out there on installing these lights.

The manufacturer does not list them as MLV or ELV; states they are “3-in-1 Dimming (PWM, 0-10V, Resistance)”

The Qubino module looks like a possible solution, although it appears I would need one per fixture. Considering price point, will have to hold off for a little while as we budget the rest of the ongoing addition. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ask the driver manufacturer how much current they draw on the 0-10V. The Qubino is 7mA rated so when you know the current draw you can see how many fixtures it supports.

The driver is also PWM so you should be able to use a LED strip type solution but run it at 10V instead of 12V.