Red Series Dimmer - Won't turn off light and incredibly hot to touch

Hey all, I am wondering if anyone has ever has this occur before.
I have 2 red series switches in a 2 gang box, one dimmer and one a standard switch. Yesterday after manually flipping the breaker off and then back on for the circuit these switches are on, the dimmer switch I referenced above will not actually shut the attached light off. The LED indicator functions as if it the switch is working and it triggers the entity in my smartthings to think its off, but the actual light is still on. The dimming functionality seems to allow the light to turn its normal max brightness and dimmm maybe down to 75% brightness but it will go no lower than that (although again the LED indicator functions as if its working). And maybe the most concerning aspect of all of this is the switch itself is very very hot. I could barely touch the metal part of the switch that is under the face plate when I was disconnecting the switch.

I tried re-tripping the breaker multiple times and leaving it off for 10-15 minutes to see if that would help, but no luck. Ultimately I gave up and disconnected the switch entirely for fear that something really bad was going on and I didn’t want to burn down the house.

Today I attached a normal “dumb” switch just to verify that the light and circuit itself still worked, and I didn’t actually mess something up in the breaker. Has anyone else had this issue, any ideas on what the cause could be?

Possibly a bad switch, or possibly an improper installation. Did this happen right away or was the dimmer installed for a while functioning normally?

Two-way, three-way, four-way?

Neutral or non-neutral?

I have had this switch installed for over a year now, and it just started yesterday right after I switched the breaker off and back on.
It is not a three way (two switches wired to trigger the same light, right?) or four-way, it is just this single switch that triggers this light, I believe I have heard it referred to as single pole. Is that the same as two-way? I have never heard that term before.
It is using the neutral.

I just hooked back in a standard “dumb” switch, and the light goes on and off as expected.

If it just started getting hot after being installed for a year and working properly, and nothing else like wiring or the load changed, then something may have failed in the switch.

Yes, what you describe with a single switch is a 2-way.