Red Series Dimmers Disappearing from 2Gig Edge /

I have ~10 Red Series dimmers, in addition to ~10 GE/Jasco switches learned in to our 2Gig Edge panel (w/

For some reason - the Red Series dimmers eventually begin disappearing from the 2Gig panel & the device list on This happens anywhere from 1 day to 2 months from when the switch was learned in/included to the panel, and has happened to most, but not all, of our Red Series dimmers. We do not see the same thing happen with the Jasco switches (none of the Jasco switches are S2 encryption - they are learned in without the encryption key).

To get the devices back - we have to exclude them from the z-wave network, and include again as new devices - which also appears to reset any/all parameters we set (which makes this process very annoying, as it is time consuming to set min/max dim levels and ramp rates directly on the switch).

Has anyone else experienced any similar issues? We had a 2Gig GC2 previously, and upgraded to the Edge to get the S2 compatibility, after we had some difficulty getting the Red Series dimmers to include properly with the GC2.

No specific experience here, but unless you absolutely MUST HAVE S2 for personal reasons, I’d recommend adding them non-secure.

Sounds like more of a hub issue than a switch issue based on the emperical data I have (have not seen switches disappear or be dropped from z-wave personally).

Thanks - I’ll have to see if there’s a way to include without S2 with this panel & I’ve tried adding from the panel directly and from the web UI and it prompts for the key automatically.

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