Red Series - Direct Association Smart Things; post Matter

I have one of the new 2-1 Red series switches. I’m trying to do Direct Zwave Association with a zooz motion detector. I’ve done zooz to zooz device direct association, a doing the connection with Inovelli to zooz seems a bit different.

In my settings on my Red switch, at the bottom I see: “Associate Device Endpoint”, “Associate Device”, and “Un-Associate Device”.

I have no clue this is the area I need to be changing to make the Direct Association with my motion switch, but not 100% sure how to go about it here.

Hoping someone can offer some assistance here.


You probably want to do it on the motion switch, go to it and set the association with group 2 to the 2-1 switch which will turn the 2-1 on when motion is detected.

I never could figure this out. I set the project aside for a bit and I’m not trying to re sort this.

The Facts:
Running on Smart Things
Devices: Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor and an Inovelli 2 in 1 red series switch.

Looking to do a straight forward association. Motion detector senses motion and it then turns the lights on.

ZSE 18 is running off battery not usb.
Inovelli settings: #59 Association Behavior: Z-wave + Local
“Association Device Endpoint”: 1 (not sure what this setting is, but I left the default)

ZSE Network ID = 38
Inovelli Network ID = 2C

In my ZSE18, I have “Group 2 Assoc. Device Network IDs” set at “2C”
In the Inovelli settings, “associate device” is blank, but have also tried 38 there with no luck.

As far as I’m aware, both are installed with S2 security, however, I’m not sure how to verify that. Any suggestions?

So I’m finding/learning a bit more…There are 2 different levels to S2 security that I was not aware of. Authenticated and Unauthenticated. As I’m learning, not only do both devices need to have S2 security but also the same authentication level for direct association to work.

The 2-1 switch is Authenticated S2
The Zooz motion sensor Im using (ZSE18) is Unauthenticated S2.

So in order for them to talk to each other via direct association I would need to install both unsecure. I’m completely fine with that, but on SmartThings, I’m not sure how to do that.

From memory, start with a Scan Nearby. When you get prompted to scan for the DSK select skip or cancel and then let it cook. It should add without security. That will work for the switch, not sure about the motion sensor.

Ok…thats what I thought. I didn’t try it with the switch, but the sensor never prompted me to for the DSK. I found that odd, as other zooz devices always do exactly as you said.

You are, however, confirming something that I was hoping…it seems like i forsure CAN install the 2-1 switch unsecured if I want to…just do it this way. Yes?

That’s the only way I know to do it. I’m looking at a couple added this way in the API browser, and the security is reflected as “ZWAVE_S2_FAILED”. Not really sure if that’s S0, but it’s worth a shot.

You are seeing that in Smart Things API browser?

I didn’t know of a way to see security settings on Smart Things

Holy smokes!!! I never saw this before. Sure can.

Here is my current 2-1 switch:


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Yep, so if you add it as I described it it’ll likely reflect “ZWAVE_S2_FAILED”. Whether or not that will work for the Direct Association I have no idea.

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With a the feature of Direct Association being such a powerful and important feature of smart home applications, you really would think that the folks at Smart Things would make it easier to control which security level a device is using. It would be a simple step to add into the device install process. I love smart things, but there are definitely moments like this that just make me shake my head.

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