Red Series ELV Compatibility | VZW31-SN

Hello everyone! I am new to Inovelli, and am excited to be joining the community. I’m planning a whole-home renovation right now and am hoping to use Inovelli Red Series 2-1 Switches (VZW31-SN) throughout the home. However, I’m having some confusion about it’s specifications: particularly, its compatibility with an ELV transformer for low-voltage MR16 LED lighting, such as Soraa 9W MR16s.

I am not an expert with residential electrics, but I do have some electronics knowledge, and it seems to me that dimmers advertised as compatible with ELV systems are “trailing-edge” dimmers. Currently, I have a VZW31-SN switch hooked up to my Hubitat C8 to test it out, and see under the parameters reported to the hub that the switch is in trailing-edge mode, indicated by the following, quoted:

" * dimmingMethod : Trailing Edge "

That seems to indicate to me that the VZW31-SN is capable of acting as a trailing-edge dimmer, and therefore would be compatible with ELV lighting, but it seems upon reading several topics on this forum that the Red Series dimmer switches are known to be not compatible with ELV, only MLV. So it seems I have some conflicting information

Can anybody confirm whether the VZW31-SN would work if hooked up to an ELV transformer for low voltage LED lighting? I understand that the switch cannot manage low voltages itself, but it would not be connected directly to the low voltage circuit: only the line input for the high to low voltage ELV transformer.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It’s not compatible with transformers. It could work if it’s really a power supply and just being called a transformer.

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