Red series firmware

I am just getting my first red series dimmer setup with Smart Things. It has version 1.48 firmware installed. I read through the firmware change log and nothing jumped out.

Is it a good practice to update the firmware on the dimmers or only if a specific problem is happening?

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I would stay where you are unless either something isn’t working correctly or you want a new feature.

The “something isn’t working correctly” largely depends upon how you are using the dimmer, so if it’s doing everything you think it should, then you’re good there.

Feature-wise, the one thing you don’t have is the ability to adjust the 700ms delay between when the switch is pressed and when the wired load is energized. That delay is there to allow for scene multi-taps to be implemented. Some feel that delay is too long, so the firmware was modified to allow it to be adjustable. But if that delay doesn’t trouble you, then that’s not a feature you need to upgrade for.

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