Red series flickering help

I’m using a red series dimmer with Satco LED dimmable bulbs S12423. They flicker once every few minutes, even for dim levels below 80. I have updated to latest firmware. Confirmed solid connections. Even had an electrician out to check the wiring. The problem is either the dimmer going bad or the bulbs. I assume I just need to buy other bulbs to see if they work without flickering? Or should I buy a new dimmer? I’d prefer to avoid serially buying a bunch of stuff to figure this out….

A few initial questions:

  1. Which generation red series? Is this the older LZW-31SN (gen 2) or the newer 2-1 VZW-31SN (gen 3)?
  2. Is a neutral connected? If non neutral, do you have a bypass?
  3. If this is a gen 3, do you have trailing edge or leading edge dimming enabled?
  1. the older LZW-31SN (gen 2)
  2. neutral connected with the special add-on switch in a 3-way configuration (not dummy switch)

The gen 2 only supported leading edge mode for dimming which did limit it’s compatibility with quite a few bulbs.

I would take a look at the bulb compatibility app: Resources | Compatible Bulb & Fan List (App) and pick a new set of bulbs off that list that people have had good success with.

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How do you have the power monitoring configured? I’ve observed this type of flickering intermittently across many of my Gen 2 red dimmers, but when someone suggested disabling power monitoring, it seems to have stopped.

If you can reliably reproduce the flickering, I’m curious if you notice that it happens at the same time a power/energy report is sent. I’d probably troubleshoot that with a laptop live-tailing logs or zwave events or something, while in the room with the flickering light.

I just bought a new 2-1 switch, instead of trying to find compatible bulbs. The new switch solved the flicker.