Red Series Gen 2 1.57 Firmware Aux-Switch Issue | LZW31-SN

Everything worked - but eventually the light would turn on without me touching the switches. I noticed in HomeAssistant that Scene 003 or Scene 004 was triggered. That seems to be the same result when I tap the Aux-Switch buttons - but it’s been a few days and my memory is foggy.

My wiring was exactly like this (confirmed using a tone tracer + voltage tester):

I was using a GE Enbrighten 46199-2 (AS2005)

I set the config for the switch in Home Assistant after updating to 1.57 with Z-Wave PC Controller to no-neutral, aux switch.

I’ve tried adding more load to the lights as well via an Aeotec Bypass and even adding a 60w incandescent with no noticeable difference.

I know the firmware is finalized for this - is there anything I can try or do without throwing money at the problem (e.g., buy a different Auxiliary Switch, buy Gen 3 Red/Blue)?

If you are seeing scenes triggered, then the culprit probably isn’t the hardware.

Are you using Alexa, by chance? Alexa’s hunches are notorious for turning things on and off unsolicited.

No Alexa in use. I’ll wire it back up to the Aux switch this weekend, but this is what I meant by Scenes in Home Assistant. These would just randomly fire and it appeared to originate from the switch. From reading other threads - I thought there was something going on with detecting voltage to make the setup work without a Neutral Wire.


Okay, I see what you’re saying now. Can you maybe temporarily delete the scenes? Theoretically, that should stop the problem. Then maybe put the scenes back one at a time to monitor. It’s almost as if the switch is sending the button press to trigger the scene when a button hasn’t been pressed, if I am understanding correctly.

These scenes exist the second I add an Inovelli device to HomeAssistant via the Zwave JS (ui) integration.

On one of my Black Switches - Endpoint 0 Scene 001 corresponds to me pressing the down button twice.

I’m not 100% sure I can delete those.

I thought I read somewhere that if you have non-neutral + aux switch, you lose out on some scenes since - but I can’t find my source.

Thanks. To me a scene is something you create and it does something based upon a trigger. Apparently that’s a bit different in HA so disregard my thoughts there.

I think what you referring to, IIRC, is that the Aux will not send multi-taps if you are wired as a non-neutral. Someone should double check me here though.

Home Assistant now shows the events triggered by a Z-Wave devices in a new event section. Since the switch sends Scene 1,2,3 events depending on which buttons are tapped, it’s simply showing you an easy way to identify which command was sent over.

Gen 2 switches did not have support for multi tap at the Aux switch, so that shouldn’t be the issue here.

I’ve not setup any switches in non neutral mode, but it sounds like there’s a fluctuation in voltage being detected that’s causing it to trigger a scene.

That fluctuation in voltage was my suspicion as to what was happening since it wasn’t instant.

I wound up inspecting just every switch on this circuit and managed to change my wiring so I can run a smart switch everywhere with a neutral wire.

I’ll return my Aux Switches as I won’t need them anymore.