Red Series Gone?

I have a ton of Red series switches in my home and I need to replace a couple of them. I went to the website to purchase and all the Red products are listed as sold out with no backorder option. Are they gone for good? Is this a ZigBee shop now?

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I would keep an eye on the Buy Swap and Sell section here. There were some for sale there and I am guessing that there will be more as some people convert to the Blues

Thanks! I had not heard about the shortages or the Phoenix switches. I’ll keep an eye out for preorders in December.

Not sure if I’m reading this right - Are you saying that you released a batch of Red series and then you aren’t sure if you are going to sell them again? I purchased 50 switches, I need another 20 to complete my home - now I’m totally screwed? Why would i purchase any more products if Inovelli won’t support a product line for more than 1 production run?

It’s not so much “won’t” but “can’t”.

However, new Zwave hardware is currently in the works.


Both new and swapped out here. Probably will be a bunch of Reds as they get swapped out with Blues:

Lets be blunt. The existing Reds are never coming back. Inovelli and the Chinese manufacturer had a falling out and the Red tooling and firmware might as well be considered gone since the manufacturer has it. This means the product will not receive any further firmware updates or be produced again. A new zwave switch or dimmer will appear in the future produced by another company, the same one that does the Zigbee devices. It will be called a REd series but be a completely new device and it should be better.

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So do we just wait for Project Phoenix? I have been trying to get a lot of on/off and dimmers for a basement remodel, and for the neighbors who are now getting into smart home stuff and ask all the time “why are they always out of stock?”. Don’t get me wrong ZigBee is great, but once you build a zwave network of 40+ switches, your latency is nano seconds. The red imho is the best switch I have ever used. Never any issues, install is easy, integration is seamless, and I am just now making myself sadder knowing I’ll have to install zooz or ge switches.

Yes, project Phoenix is the next time a zwave device will be availabe.