Red Series LZW31-SN does not turn on lights from Hubitat command

I have a Red Series LZW31-SN installed in a single pole with no neutral configuration. I paired it to my Hubitat following the hub specific instructions on the Inovelli site using the required driver. Once paired, I was able to set the Maximum Level via the Hubitat Z-Wave control.

The switch works great with the paddle control turning the lights on and off. When sending on / off commands via Hubitat the dashboard indicates the switch is on or off and the blue LED on the switch appears to respond (dims) in response to the off command. The lights connected to the switch however, do not turn off or on.

I had a few odd issues with mine and did an exclusion and then held the set button for 20 seconds and started from scratch. This seemed to solve some random issues I had.

Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t say my issue is random though. It’s consistent, the hub reports that the switch has turned off and the LED on the switch goes dark but the lights controlled by the switch stay on.

Check your smart bulb mode setting. Param 52 (I think?). Should be on 0 for normal dimming, toggle to 1 and back to 0. It might have inadvertently been set to 2.

It appeared to be set to 0. I went ahead and toggled via the Hubitat preferences section as suggested. Unfortunately, there was no change in behavior.