Red Series switch flashing red, green and blue after installing

I bought 10 red series switches or was it 20? Can’t remember. I am slowing swapping out standard switches in my home with the red series one.

Last night, one the red series switch is flashing red, green and blue after installing and there seem nothing I can do to make it stop flashing or get it to go into inclusion mode to add it to my Hubitat.

I already have several red series switches installed plus some red series fan and light switches installed and paired to Hubitat hub without any issue.

Why is the side led flashing red, green and blue in a cycle after I install and power it on?

That is the switch rebooting. Is this a non-neutral installation?

Yes, it non-neutral installation … Is there something I need to do beforehand or to set it up for non-neutral?

Switch or dimmer? The switch (LZW30/LZW30-SN) does not support non neutral

It’s a dimmer.

Great. What is the load? You may need a bypass? Do you have an incandescent you can try?

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I took it off for now and put the standard switch back in.

I plan to hook it up to a plug to plug it in the outlet to see if it working with neutral and if does works then that would tell me the non-neutral that causing the light show on the switch.

There a few switches in my house where the neutral is inside the light gang boxes instead of the switch gang box. I am thinking of just pulling hot wire from light gang box and fish it to the switch gang box.

But first I wanted to know why there a light show on the switch in first place when it supposedly to work without a neutral wire.

No incandescent bulb here. I don’t even remember seeing one for sale in my town in last 3 to 5 years either.

THE RBG light show can happen if the load is too low in a non neutral configuration. IIRC the recommended minimum load is around 25W.

It’s what I suspected.

plan to test it by plugging the switch in the outlet since it’ll have line and neutral and if that doesn’t cause the light show then I know I will either need to bring my hot line with neutral into switch gang box or install a bypass in the light gang box.

I have a bunch of 24k 3w resistors which I will try using for bypass.

Most light switches on top level floor are installed with neutral in switch gang box with a few switches that are non-neutral but almost all switches in basement are non-neutral .

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