Red Series Switch Parameters in Hubitat and internal relay questions

Just got the new Red Series dimmer switches. I really like them and have them setup in Hubitat to control a room full of Philips Hue bulbs that aren’t on the same electrical circuit. Installation was no problem and I have the lights working in an on off basis with Hubitat scenes and the internal relay disabled.

I have a few questions:
1 - I can’t seem to update any of the parameters for the switch using the device screen in Hubitat. I installed the recommended driver code and its selected as the device type. I can see the fields, but when I make changes or save preferences nothing happens. I can make changes locally on the switch using the config button.

2 - With the internal relay disabled, I don’t seem to be able to make local or remote configuration changes. Should I turn the relay on, configure the device how I want it and then turn the relay off?

3 - With the internal relay off, the led indicator stays on to whatever level the switch was at when the internal relay was turned off. It would be great to be able to have a 10% dim setting when the hue lights are off and 60% bright when they are on. With the internal relay on this isn’t a problem, only with it disabled.

Could you turn on debugging log in the driver and post your log of what happens when you click save?

I am apparently a dummy and had the Disable remote control checked by accident. Also I didn’t realize I need a device handler to create the child switches in Hubitat. Everything seems to work great now!

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