Red series Switch will not turn off load -- help

I have a Red series on/off switch that tonight suddenly decided it will not turn off its load anymore. It’s been installed for about a year. Pressing on the bottom of the paddle (off) turns the LED off, so it “looks” like it’s off (and it reports off in Home Assistant), but there is no characteristic “click” of the relay and the light fixture it controls remains on. Remote control (via Home Assistant) has the same effect. The light it controls remains on all the time now.

I flipped the power off at the breaker, hoping a power cycle would reset something in the switch, to no effect.

Has the switch failed, or is there something else I can try?

Note: I searched, but all other topics I found about switches not turning off were for dimmers (this is not a dimmer) or three way configurations (this is not).

Did you pull the air gap on the switch itself?

Maybe some accidentally disabled local control? Try pressing the config button 8x very quickly.

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Yeah, that’s how I got it turned off for now.

Yeah after I posted I tried that…local control was still on, but I used the config button to turn it off and the back on again. No effect.

I’m guessing the switch has failed.

Likely if it’s still “working” but not actuating. I’d open a support ticket with the issue and @Courtney_Inovelli will get you taken care of I’m sure.

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Sounds like the relay has welded on. Is this switch on a heavy load?

No, the load is only around 20 watts.

I’ve opened a support ticket. It’s out of warranty (purchased 2020) but maybe they can do something for me…I have around 30 Innovelli switches of various kinds and this is I think the third bad one in less than two years.

I would try excluding the switch and then do a factory reset. See how it performs after you re-add. Can’t hurt at this point. I have revived a switch by doing a factory reset, although the issue I was having was different than yours.