Red Switch Unresponsive to Any Input

Just installed the dimmer switch (no neutral, single pole). Once powered on, the switch does not react to anything. It has turned the LEDs on but will not turn them off, will not dim them. The config button does not react to any number of touches (long or short). The switch light is blue and does not change with any thing. My smartthings hub cant find it. Do I have a dud or am I doing something completely wrong.


What kind of bulb? How many watts? Non neutral has a rough minimum of 25W load. Do you have an incandescent you can swap in?

What happens when you airgap the switch? A long hold should result in a factory reset. Are you positive you have your line and load wired correctly?

They are built in LEDs so no way to swap bulbs. Each LED light is 16 W, and there are three, soon to be five pulling power so should be enough.

I did swap the line and load and got the switch to respond to inputs last night (hooked to Smartthings and Alexa), but the problem last night was flickering LEDs. Seems like this switch just isnt built for LEDs. This morning the switch is unresponsive to inputs again.

If you have a meter can you verify line and load?

Regarding the flicker, are the LEDs dimmable? What is the make and model of the bulbs/fixture? You can try setting the max level (param 6) to 85%. Finally if all else fails you may need a bypass.

I have verified the line and load this morning. It should be wired correctly.
The LEDs are dimmable, they were purchased from Amazon [Hardwired LED Under Cabinet Task Lighting - 16 Watt, 24", Dimmable, CRI>90, 4000K (Cool White), Wide Body, Long Lasting Metal Base with Frost Lens - -]

Ill try setting the max level tonight and see about the bypass. Thanks for the response!

If there is a range of stable dimness levels in which you don’t experience odd behavior, you’ll just need to set the minimum and maximum brightness values to be within that range. I find that most lights require a minimum dimness of at least 30 to function correctly.