Red v2 dimmer - hubitat question

Installed a red v2 series dimmer that controls 1 load (6 can lights) with the inovelli driver - not the stock hubitat. It replaced a homeseer 100 dimmer. I love the instant on versus the ramp up. My problem is that I can not dim it via the switch. I have tired setting ramp rates but it goes to 0 instantly. I can set a dim level from the hubitat device page, just can’t hold down the up or down to get it to dim from the switch. What could I be missing? Ideally I want this switch to always go to 100% on one click - then be dimmable from there and then 1 click down turns it off and then if it was at say 50 when turned off, then next on click should take it back to 100%. Can the driver do that native or do I need to mess with rule machine?


Can you try setting these four values as follows:
Dimming Speed: 3
Dimming Speed (From Switch): 101
Ramp Rate: 0
Ramp Rate (From Switch): 0

This should give you the “Instant On” effect, while allowing dimming from the switch.

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Thanks! That was it. Much appreciated!