Remote/Aux Switch Advice


I was trying to spec out the number of switches I need for my house. I have some empty slots that I wanted to turn into “remote” light switches for other lights in the room. I was wondering if I could use an aux switch to accomplish this.

What I am trying to do is fill in the empty slots in the wall plates with matching switches that can remotely turn on and off lights in the room. These other lights would be wired/controlled by inovelli switches. The “remote” switches would be next to other inovelli switches but not controlling the same light. I am basically trying to create a remote “3-way switch” if you will.

Any suggestions or ideas would be great!

You cannot use an Aux switch for that purpose unfortunately. Auxs must be physically wired to the Inovelli.

What you can do, however, is just place an Inovelli where you want the “helper” switch. It just needs a hot and neutral without a load.

You can then control the Inovelli using the multitap feature in automations, or associate or bind depending upon the protocol.

So the aux switch will be adjacent (same plate) to an inovelli switch. I just don’t want to use the aux switch as a 3 way switch with the switch right next to it but rather as a remote to control another light in the room. Basically override the button to turn off/on another light in the same room.

Ok, so you’ll put another Inovelli (not an Aux) in the spot adjacent to the existing Inovelli. If the 2nd hole for the hot and neutral on the existing Inovelli are open, power the new Inovelli using hot, neutral and ground pigtails.

You can get unique Aux switch scenes that could be used through your hub to control whatever you wanted, but you can’t disable the Aux from 3-way controlling the switch its connected to.

Ah ok. So seems like only option is to have another inovelli blue and just not connect a load to it then. Thanks everyone!

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