Replace a triple dumb switch

I have a triple dumb switch, which controls my light over my vanity, the light over the shower, and the fan over the shower. Will the new 5 button switch available for preorder work for this situation? Due to the location of the metal studs, it would be a pain to try to go to a 3 gang box. Here is what I currently have.

It depends. The new 5 button contains ONE physical switch (dimmer). So you can hard wire one of the lights to that switch. The rest of the buttons are for scene controllers. So for the other two (light and fan) you would need to use a smart relay.

I don’t think you can cram (i.e. will fit) 2 relays into the existing switch box. You’re probably pushing capacity limits as-is. So I’d probably wire nut the hot feeds to provide constant hots to the lights and then put the relays there, presuming they’ll fit.

Alternatively use smart bulbs. No need for relays if you wire directly to hot. Then setup scenes to toggle the bulbs.

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Yep, depending on the fixture. You’ll still need a relay for the fan, as that cannot be hardwired to the switch.

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