Replacement paddle status?

I had an email reply from support on this topic… But rather than replying by email I figured I’d ask this here so they answer is public.

I was told that you were planning to have replacement paddles for sale in a variety of colors. The expected timing was mid December. Wondering a couple things:

  1. Are those expected any day now? If not, what’s the new expected timing for availability? Honestly not sure yet if I’m changing mine… Just trying to decide on wall plates for the house and knowing for sure those are happening would help :slight_smile:

  2. Will that be just the paddle? Or will it be a kit that replaces all of the white plastic (i.e. config button and trim around the notification bar)


By the way…I really think this is a huge distinguisher for you guys…I couldn’t find any other manufacturer that has replacement colors. I’m loving the switches for tech reason too… This one is for the spouse :grinning:

Replacement paddles are available here. (


Thanks for replying to this threat last month. Turns out my wife just wants to stick with white… but good to know these are here, should that change :slight_smile: Hopefully they are selling well - it’s a really unique feature that yours are replaceable.

Anyone… apologies for messing up your crowd-sourced marketing :slight_smile: I did just put my pre-order in for the fan/light though! Going to try it out in the bedroom I just re-did and was surprised to find actually had a neutral (house is 1920… switch loops were king for the most part then). If I’m lucky enough to find neutrals in the other rooms as I work my way through, I’ll definitely order more of those!