Res Series 2-1 flashing with 6 new recessed LED lights

See video. Will try swapping with a Blue Series 2-1, but hopefully it’s a software issue and can be fixed via OTA update. Wife has been complaining for a bit about it happening but it always seemed to happen while I was not there. I lowered max brightness since she said it seemed to be happening when at max brightness, but this video is not at max brightness, close, but not at it.

Is this a non-neutral setup?

I’m seeing the same thing, where you able to get this resolved?

Just to compare notes, I’m seeing it with a single Feit electric bulb. I’m running in a 3-way configuration with a dumb switch with a neutral, and the problem only occurs with the dumb switch is in the “down” position. Same as you, I only notice the problem when the brightness is above 80% or so. The issue occurred on both the 1.0 and 1.2 firmware.