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Installation Instructions

Feel free to follow the written instructions below by clicking the drop down or follow along with the video below:

Written Instructions
  1. Open up your Hubitat portal and go to “Drivers Code”
    Picture Visual
  2. Then click on, “New Driver”
    Picture Visual
  3. On the Inovelli Device Driver Instruction Page, scroll to the section with all the drivers and right click on the one that corresponds to your product (ie: if you have a Blue Series 2-1 Switch, click on the URL that says, “Blue Series 2-1 Switch - VZM31-SN”) and select, “Copy Link Address”
    Picture Visual
  4. Go back to the Hubitat portal tab and click the import button. Paste the URL into text box and click on “Import”.
    Picture Visual
  5. Click, “Save” at the top
    Picture Visual
  6. To check if it installed properly, click on, “« Drivers code”
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  7. Locate your driver
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Device Driver Locations

Please see the following locations for each Inovelli Device Driver. Then follow the instructions above!

Master Location:


Bulbs & Strips


Plugs (Indoor/Outdoor)