Retrieve DSK from a currently paired switch

Is there a way to currently retrieve the DSK, or the first 5 digits of a QR code using digital means ? I have a Smarthings controller, and a USB stick.

The history is that I was cleaning the switch, which had some paint spilled on it inadvertently and the paint thinner wiped the QR code clean. I have a nice white blank label where the QR code used to be…

The switch (a black gen2 dimmer) is currently paired in S2 to the Smarthings controller with the USB dongle as a secondary controller. In general, this would also be nice to know, if we ever wanted to see the codes without removing the switch cover.I have about 16 of these…

May be too late, but I kept all the QR codes from the box and wrote on it paper where I installed the switch for future reference because having to take off the switch covers would be a PITA.

Check the documentation that came with the switch. One paper has both the QR code and the DSK.

Thanks guys… Unfortunately I’m in hindsight mode right now. The electrician (we were building a house) discarded all the papers, which I didnt tell him to save in the first place…

Ah well

You can find it using the z wave stick and pc controller I think. Might poke around there, I’ll try to remember to do the same.

I was able to see mine when including with Hubitat (with no encryption selected) using the C7 hub. Maybe there’s something similar with SmartThings?

Where do you see it on the Hubitat ? I have a C7 as well, and added 1 switch to it. I don’t see the DSK anywhere… Now that I think about it, it didn’t ask me for a DSK, looks like the C7 switched to S0 scheme when I included it.

When it asks be to select S,S2, etc… I deselect all and the whole DSK key pops up.

@t2v Did you ever get the first five digits?