Return to Default State After Notification Runs

I am using Home Assistant and setting some notifications with the LED bar. Its working really well and is a great feature. What I am trying to do is set a reminder to turn on my alarm every night. I have set it so that when 9pm hits and the alarm is disarmed the bar in my bedroom flashes red indefinitely. This works great, but I am not sure how to tell it to revert to default state once the alarm is armed. I have the script set up so that it will work once the alarm is armed but I am not sure what parameter to send it.

Any thoughts?

I kind of answered my own question by just telling the LED to do something random for 1 second and then it automatically reverts to default, but this seems like a workaround, is there another way to do it?

I believe if you set the value to 0 it will clear it

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If that doesn’t work, do something that will set it to whatever you are using as the default. I don’t use Home Assistant, but can you trigger that when you arm it?

Is the alarm panel near a Z-wave switch? Perhaps a light near-by. If there is one and it is scene enabled you can use a double tap feature to tell the hub to reset the flashing switch right after you set the alarm.