Reusing firmware update LED effect on blue switch

Has anyone figured out to recreate the firmware update effect seen on the blue leds? I’m trying to reuse that effect as a timed notification.

The hub that the switch is connected to can send a command that will replica that and can also initiate a bunch of other effects. If you share the hub model that you use, someone should be able to help with how to do it with it.

As far as I know, this cannot be done without a connected hub (neither can it be done with Alexa).

I’m currently using z2m with a tubeZ coordinator. I already have other types of led effects/notifications setup. I think I have a general idea in my head on how to implement it just curious if anyone has attempted it.

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Got it - I’m using Hubitat, so not sure how it can be done with Z2m. I suspect others might…