RGBW bulb not responding

I’ve been using Hubitat for a few months now and is is the first problem I’ve had. I have a RGBW bulb that is stuck on. Is there a way to reset the bulb without doing a factory reset?


It sounds like you may have a mesh strength issue if you are unable to reliably control the bulb. Could you tell us more about the other z-wave devices on your network, and rough spacing?

I’m unaware of any non-factory reset options, other than simply turning the bulb off

There has been some ongoing disscussions concerning these bulbs over on the Hubitat community. Kill the power to the bulb, make sure you are on the latest firmware for the bulb (v2.30), and use the Hubitat built in driver for the bulb. People seem to be having better results using that driver.

The bulb in Question is within eye sight of the hub, maybe 15’. I have two Black switches in the same room. My house is my house isn’t all that big (1800ish sq ft) open floor plan and hub is dead center.


I’ll try that. I’ll have to search on how to update firmware, haven’t done that before. I’ll check out Hubitat’s forum also. Thanks.


There is a decent article covering the process here: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-hubitat-firmware-upgrade-tool

You can use the “Old” updater with the bulbs. If I recall correctly it’s slightly safer than the new version, as there are more checks associated with it.

Thanks for the help. I have it working again.

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Awesome, glad to hear everything is working for you!

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