RGBW Illumin LZW42 Bulb Driver Error

I’ve started installing a mess of these awesome little buggers since they were on sale the other day… (“accidentally” bought 20… whoopsie!)

I’ve found a minor snag though… using Hubitat, and simple automation rules, the inovelli driver doesn’t seem to understand the colors… I get the following error:

dev:11552020-06-06 18:43:50.337 errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘100’ with class ‘java.lang.String’ to class ‘float’ on line 324 (setColor)

Any thoughts?

I think this is a bug in Simple Automation Rules. I was able to replicate this behavior and what seems to be happening is that SAR is sending (at least) the level component as a String instead of a numeric type (this is one of the components of the color Map that gets sent).

If this were the Hubitat forum, I’d tag the staff member who I think is the author of this app. But since it’s not, I’ll see if I can figure anything more out and write a post there (unless you’ve done that already) if I can confirm that the above is true, though it appears to be. I’ll try with another device just to be sure. Different drivers may handle this differently, so Inovelli could work around the problem but shouldn’t need to…

(EDIT: Made a post there. We’ll see what they say, and I can update here if you don’t follow that forum.)

This might be something @bcopeland would be able to help resolve or at least verify.

Update: Hubitat has identified this bug based on what you described and will have it fixed in the next release. As suspected, it was a problem in Simple Automation Rules (some drivers might handle this more gracefully than others, but this is supposed to be treated as a numeric value, which this app was not doing).

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That’s awesome, thank you for the assist!

I’m not the most apt at drivers and coding just yet.