Ring Alarm Integration for Notifications (Red)

Hello there…is there anyway to integrate the red switch with ring alarm? The notes mention you could use the notifications to indicate alarm status( I believe so anyway) but I just can’t seem to figure out how to do that considering ring is a separate z-wave network. (FYI - I am using smartthings)

Hmm??? I thought Ring was a WiFi based system?

It is…the path lights are Bluetooth based, and bridge is WiFi.

Ring alarm has zwave. All of the sensors are zwave based and you can add certain zwaves products like lock and switches.

Ahh…I don’t have the alarm system. I was hoping Hubitat was going to create a virtual integration for Ring to work with their Floodlights, path lights, and doorbell. Makes sense now!

@ckrow – welcome to the community and thanks for this post – seriously, thanks (I’ll tell you why in a minute).

Matt and Mike from Ring… check this out – Let’s get a native integration started!

Ok, in all seriousness, yes, the alarm system and sensors are Z-Wave based and actually, our manufacturer makes the Ring keypad and they did a phenomenal job.

However, the Ring keypad does not have native integration at this time for notifications, but we plan on working with them to get this setup in the near future as we share common firmware engineers who are eager to get this going.

We actually got the idea from Ring around the, “notify me when the alarm is armed or disarmed” as they mentioned this would be a huge win as one of the major problems are false alarms.

So, to summarize my rambling, currently, this isn’t possible with Ring, but we’ll be working with them to get this started shortly.

However, this is possible with ST. How does the Ring/ST integration show up in your app? We may be able to figure this out via a virtual switch or something. I’d have to see your ST app and see how Ring reports to ST.

Thanks Eric, this sounds great.

I honestly was not aware there was Ring/ST integration. I though each device (sensor, lock, motion sensor, key pad) had to be on a unique network, so either ST or RING. I recall having to move my z-wave enabled door lock from ST to RING in order to get added functional to enable disable the alarm from the door lock. I need to do some more homework on this and see how this can be accomplished.

But yes, I have had a number of false alarms not knowing Ring was armed. You eventually learn, but would be most excellent to have the notifications show when it is armed. The more notification the merrier.

Anyway, I am digging your product and plan on replacing my insteon switches with your gen 2’s.



I know this is a little old, but if you are using ST and ring, you should definitely be able to do something. I don’t have the security system, but I do have a ring doorbell and within ST it is added as a device and I can access the motion sensor info. From there, using WebCore in ST I can trigger a notification light anytime the ring doorbell senses motion so logical extension would be any state that ring reports to ST would be able to be shown as a notification on the switches.


Thanks Tony, yeah there is some integration but nothing for the Ring Alarm product (at least for arming status).
I was trying to make sure when people wake up groggy and don’t notice the central station that they maybe would see a blinking red light to prevent them from opening the door and scaring the shi+ out of the people who are still sleeping.

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I have the Ring Alarm status integrated with Smarthings. The only “easy” way to do it (that I’ve found) is through Simple Commands, which can monitor the Ring Alarm state. In Simple Commands, I have some routines that activate some virtual switches in ST based on the Ring Alarm status.

So far it’s working well, and the virtual switches update about 1-2 seconds after arming/disarming Ring. One time though, it did not update (looked like a problem with SimpleCommands) - so it’s not foolproof since its cloud based and all.

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I actually use simple commands to arm Ring via, Echo using a routine. I will check this out. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah so I did this via a virtual switch and it works as expected. Thanks again for the suggestion.
Here is high level summary of steps to do this…

  • You will need simple commands and link both smart things and ring to it.
  • Create a virtual switch in ST.
  • Create routine in SC to activate virtual switch when system is armed/and deactivate when it is disarmed.
  • Use smart lighting in ST to set and remove the notification on Inovelli switch (must set up the notification prior to this) based on the status of the virtual switch…
    That should be it.

Exactly what I have set up - plus a SC routine to an “Alarm Sounding” Virtual Switch, which in turn with a ST lighting automation to turn on all lights if the Alarm is sounding.

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Great idea there, I think I will do that as well. Thanks

Hi Eric, just chiming in on this. Has there been any more progress toward getting full support on Ring Alarm? I just got a few red series dimmers installed and really hoping to see full support on Ring!

@anon14959390’s been working with a couple guys over there, but it seems to be more of a platform issue at this point. Whereas Ring is a more basic hub and does not support the advanced command classes yet. I bet if we had some customers request this and maybe tweeted at Ring or sent an email, that may speed things along with them as we’re simply a vendor to them.

We recently had some success with this with a customer tweeting at Aartech in Canada and letting them know we’re not just another, “me too” brand, but we actually have some pretty cool products :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton for the reply! I will jump on them on Twitter to get you some attention.

Sweet, let me know and we’ll forward onto our contacts!

I as well have put a post on the Community Page.
The more pressure, the better.