Scene 001/002 for on/off standard?

Hello friends,

I’ve run into a bit of a funky thing. I’m putting in some Red dimmers everywhere I can, and some Zooz Zen34 remotes where there isn’t a wall box. But I’ve come across an interesting conundrum.

Up is scene 002
Down is scene 001

Up is scene 001
Down is scene 002

If I direct-associate them it works this way, hitting up on either turns on the Red, and confirms I’m not just holding the zooz upside-down.

But now I’m planning on a number of global scenes like “turn everything off if I 5x tap any switch” from home assistant. And this would be very easy if I could just catch any value notification of scene 001, pressed 5x. But since the two device types are backwards, I have to make a ton of extra triggers to catch only the right nodes and figure out which direction is which.

Is there a standard for which scene number should be which, or a way to reverse it on the Red?

Yeah, this matches my experience too. I’m not sure there’s any standard or even convention here; Inovelli happens to use scene 1 for the bottom paddle and scene 2 for the top, whereas Zooz (or at least all their devices I’ve seen) does the opposite. I’m guessing this is just arbitrary. I also don’t think it matters for association, since that doesn’t send scene numbers — pretty sure it just directly sends the Z-Wave commands, like Multilevel Switch Set to change the level or turn on/off a dimmer. I assume you don’t actually see any problems here and were just wondering?

The other part of the Central Scene Notification (besides the scene number) is the key attribute, which I think is standardized with this kind of device to report the number of taps, though not literally the number: 0 is a single tap, 1 is a hold, 2 is a release, and 3 and above are 2+ taps. I believe that matches in these devices, at least, but I realize that doesn’t help with making the rest of your automation easier. :slight_smile: