Scene doesn't control LED

I’ve had issues in the past with Scene control and the LED on the Gen 2 Dimmer. I have a Meross garage door opener that is integrated in smartthings. I can get the scene to control the dimmer lights (turn on/off & dim level), but I cannot get it to trigger the LED to change. I’d like the LED to be “Red” when the garage door is open and return to “Blue” when closed. I think there’s an issue using Routines to control the LED and I’ve been instructed to use the Smart Lighting app. However, there’s no device trigger for the Meross garage door to use in Smart Lighting. When I select the trigger as “Open/Close,” I get an error that I don’t have any “open/close” sensors installed. Like I said, I can control the lights using a Scene and the native Routines in Smartthings, but I cannot get the scene to control the LED. Is there a way around this?

If you are on smartthings, create a child device for the LED notification.

Add 2 automations (or whatever ST is calling them now)

Garage door opener open

Turn on child device for Notification

Garage door closed

Turn off child device for Notification

That was it! Took me a minute to figure out where the Child Device Notifications were, but all set now. Thanks for your help!

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