Scene events not always firing

I am using the Open Z-Wave beta integration for Home Assistant for my Inovelli switches and dimmers, and I’ve setup some automations in Node-RED that listen for ozw.scene_activated events to trigger…well, scenes. I use the config buttons on the switches to activate these scenes.

About half the time it works fine – press the config button, a scene that I have setup in Home Assistant activates. However, the rest of the time the scene_activated event just never fires. Using the Developer Tools in Home Assistant, I can see that it never fires – I listen for ozw.scene_activated events, and pressing the config button on a switch will sometimes result in nothing.

For example, just now, here’s the order of events I tried:

  1. Pressed config switch on Switch A to activate a scene – nothing happens.
  2. Setup an event listener in HA dev tools and pressed config switch on Switch A again – no event shown.
  3. Pressed the config button on Switch B – event shows in dev tools and scene B activates.
  4. Pressed the config button on Switch A again – this time it shows in the dev tool and scene A activates.

This is the behavior I often see. The pattern seems to be that sometimes a switch will get “stuck”, and it will not fire an event until I trigger an event from a different switch. Any ideas why this is, or in what layer (Inovelli, Open Z-Wave, Home Assistant) the problem lies?

Does your OZW_Log.txt file show the scenes firing? If so, it may help point you in the right direction.

Do you have the 700ms delay disabled on some switches? You might try enabling but I guess for the config button it shoudn’t matter.

Mine fire 100% of the time, and I am in OZW 1.6, so there is definitely something up. I’m pretty new to HA so I don’t have a solution but will be following.