Screwless Wall Plate

Hello, (FIRST POST! :slight_smile:)

I am planning on buying screwless wall plates and found two options but wanted to ask the community if one is better and more specifically which “white” matches the switch better.

Menards - Legrand Radiant Polycarbonate Decorator Screwless Wall Plate White
HomeDepot - Leviton Screwless Snap-On Decora Wall Plate White

Hope you are able to help before I go shopping tonight!

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I’ve gone the leviton route, photos are in this thread starting here. I think there a couple more further down also Config button interfering with paddle operation

I personally think they match but I’m far less concerned about how close as some other posts I’ve seen.

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We usually recommend Lutron face plates and they are a decent match on color.


Another vote for Leviton. I have several of them and they match quite well (at least I’ve not noticed a mismatch), and they’re a couple bucks cheaper than Lutron…

I had great success with these plates from Amazon. They match perfectly, are easy to install, and “unbreakable” polycarbonate so you can really push on them if you have to.



Nice! Thanks for the suggestion - we will have to check them out!

Thanks @RarelyComplete. Also thanks to this community for being a great resource. I have found that most questions I have had since doing starting to use Inovelli have already been asked and answered. Much appreciated!!

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