Sell me your unused Ilumin Bulb

Hey everybody. I have two bulbs from the holiday pack and now I’m using them where I need three of them. I saw they are out of stock so I can’t buy another one. I really don’t want to have to go buy three new bulbs from some other brand. If any of you have a bulb you’re not using I’d be happy to buy it from you for a reasonable price. You can send me a message with an ebay listing or whatever would work best.

I have six almost new, used for a few day but did not work well for my particular application. All firmware 2.3. If you want them all, $20 ea, and $10 to ship. Zelle or PayPal for payment works. Prefer Zelle.

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Oh, you mean my limited 1st edition bulbs from the Inovelli test brand Illumin? Excellent choice sir! I have some from their accidental holiday run, real collectors items, starting bid $19,997.97


Is that 19 thousand or 19 dollars? I think CA uses ‘,’ where the US uses ‘.’

Edited for clarity

USD or CAD prices?

£, payable in Bitcoin.


Thanks for all of the responses. I got some PMs as well and ended up buying a bulb you guys are awesome. Oh and I wasn’t on board until you offered the bulb for £19,997.97. That’s a steal!

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Perfect! I’ll await the bitcoins! I’m glad the chat got you leads :slight_smile: