Set Default LED Color (LZW31-SN parameter 13 or LZW30-SN parameter 5)

I would like to set default color of LED bar (LZW31-SN parameter 13 or LZW30-SN parameter 5) in Hubitat Rule Machine. It doesn’t seem to be an easy task. My goal is to change the default LED color based on my alarm system status without affecting the brightness intensity when the switch is off. For exampe: Red=Armed, Yellow=System Not Ready, and Blue=Disarmed. I’ve tried many suggestions I’ve seen in the forums but I always get a bright indicator LED when the switch is off. Notifications don’t work for me in this scenario. I’m using Homeseer right now and it’s easy to change any parameter value. However, I would prefer to use Hubitat if I can figure this out.

Have you looked at the LED notification child switch?


It will create a child switch, that you can then set the color of in rule machine.

^ is definitely a solution.

In ST, they added color control to the DTH so I can directly change the color of the bar within WebCore (setColor command). it works as well, but not sure how that would work in Hubitat.

On red series devices you can do this either with startNotification()/stopNotification() or with setColor commands. Attached are examples of both:

I am using the Inovelli drivers (not the default HE ones) as they give you more control. Hope this helps

Thank you for the feedback. Could you please tell me more about what the Virtual LED Notification is and how you have it set up?

It’s just a virtual switch that I use for logging purposes. I log events to an external DB and use the “virtual” switch to indicate it was triggered by an automation. Details are in the thread below if you are interested…